About me

I have been fascinated by wildlife and wildplaces for as long as I can remember. 

First explorations in my schooldays were to the local woods, hills and sea cliffs.  By the time I left school, I had my first bird ringing licence and had began long-term and continuing studies of raptors especially golden eagles. Then when I went to the University of Aberdeen where the obvious choice of subject was zoology, I went on to study ptarmigan for my PhD. I have been working professionally on birds and arctic/alpine ecology since 1982, and the main species I have studied professionally include those mentioned above plus; white-tailed sea eagles, dotterel, golden plover, greenshank, merlin, red- and black-throated divers.

During all this time I have developed my own approach to wildlife and wildland photography and writing, which has led to numerous articles and images published in magazines, books and websites. My vocation has perhaps been an obvious progression as I grew up in Scotland where most of the wild land is in the Highlands and Islands, and I have been fortunate to mix my main pastimes of climbing and hillwalking with my work.

Now based in Canberra, the ‘bush’ capital of Australia, where I am a Visiting Fellow at the Research School of Biology, in the Australian National University, I am several years into long-term studies of lyrebirds and tawny frogmouths. Other studies there are on the foraging behaviour of parrots and competition between them and invasive alien bird species. All while continuing my Scottish studies on intensive field trips, and trying to explore as much new ground and habitats as time allows.  

Scotland and Australia both have a wide variety of habitats and associated animals and plants. I’ll never exhaust my enthusiasm.  In this website I have tried to capture just a taste of these and other locations, and as you have opened this page I trust you will enjoy sharing my experiences.

All photographs are copyright of Stuart Rae – images can be bought with money, but it takes time and passion to create them. The whole is priceless.